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About DryClean Direct

The times are right for DryClean Direct.

Prices for gas, food and housing continue to skyrocket. And a sense of environmental responsibility is sweeping the nation. No wonder more and more people are switching to DryClean Direct every day.

We’re wallet-friendly.

At DryClean Direct, we pride ourselves in offering low prices for superior-quality dry cleaning and laundry.

We’re able to do this because of our new state-of-the-art, centrally-located plant. It gives us amazing efficiency and huge economies of scale.

This way, we can cut costs in a way that’s impossible for traditional on-site cleaners. And rather than pocket the savings, we pass them along to our customers through lower prices…every day.

We’re environmentally-friendly.

At DryClean Direct, the high-tech machines at our plant use a new generation of solvents that are genuinely friendly to the environment.

To put this in perspective, unlike approximately 90% of the dry cleaning plants out there, we use absolutely no perchloroethylene (perc).

In addition to our environmentally-friendly cleaning process we use 100% biodegradable poly bags, and we encourage our customers to recycle their metal hangers and drop them off at our stores.

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